dinsdag 11 juni 2013


LOCAL (DRAFT VERSION) was made in de context of the WIELS recidency program and presented as a videoinstallation looped in 15 min.
LOCAL (DRAFT VERSION) is like an extension of DPLUSONE, except more staged and fictionalized, and with a main focus on the principal character, the local. LOCAL (DRAFT VERSION) moves from reality to fiction and is based on earlier conversations with market maker Elie Ayache (writer of The Blank Swan, The End of Probability, 2010). The actor is a non-professional typecasted for his personality. Acting and being becomes ambiguous. Fiction moves to reality.
The video work tries to escape time and place by introducing little shifts, little twists.

The character defends his position through philosophy namely that of Deleuze and Meillassoux.

photo Dominik Daggelinckx

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