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DplusOne "the random movement of particles suspended in a fluid

DplusOne was screened at FIDMarseille 2012

DplusOne preview 

research and presentation WIELS residency 2012

What do we observe?

The setting is the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. ECX is the current centre of control of this new installed Ethiopian market system. Ethiopia today ranks n°5 in the world list of emerging countries by producing primary physical goods (commodities).

Stories, rumours and attitudes

In Ethiopia we started a series of observations, encounters and dialogues with people connected in some way or another with the new founded ECX and the Ethiopian economy. We were looking for relations between macro statements (about a country, a population, a group) and micro experience.

The project challenges our self-awareness and our (in)capacity to critically evaluate the things we perceive.

What do we observe?


Macro-statements and micro-reality.
If Ethiopia ranks n°5 in the world list «emerging countries forecast 2011» we have to conclude that this forecast is a primarily a macro-statement from an economical perspective. How is this condition of acceleration reflected in the country? How does this macro-statement relate to the country’s current micro-reality? A whole scaled down to snatches.

What do we observe?

#01 photo (Dominik Daggelinckx) taken at Ethiopian Commodity Exchange, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia December 2010

We are in the spaces of the ECX in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We see trade on the trading floor of the exchange. We see a carpeted, octagonal space with buyers in kacki and sellers in green. The images are uniform. There is action both in foreground and background. The images are both equal and in constant change.

The project drifts on an observation of details and a constant inversion between foreground and background, between subject and context.

What do we observe?

The interview:
Bharat Kulkarni, Senior manager trading operations, explains the ECX model.
It’s a didactic presentation of an economic model (a macro-model). The attention drifts towards the rhetoric of the presentation, his vocabulary, his choice of words, his accent, the speed of speech.

What do we observe?

The research has a wide scope. By observing the footage already taken, links are created to possible other topics, areas and disciplines to find interesting matches.

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