dinsdag 1 februari 2011

The City of Illusions

©2011, Fanny Zaman

audio/video piece
11:11 min.

In 1991 the Empire collapsed. In the video piece we hear the documented confession (from 2011) of a former civilian of the Soviet Empire talking about “something”, which is not revealed to the viewer. The images we do see are few, looped and slowed down, all shot in Moscow 2001. Does a body still possess information of a former time period and how does it disclose? By erasing the subject (of the confession) from the confession we tried to reproduce speaking bodies. We tried to disclose only the essential information stored in the body.

The samples taken at an interval of 10 years: the collapsing (1991), the images (2001) and the confession (2011) set out the psychological process of unfolding. The elements are placed in position and put in a state of latency. By doing this they become very open screens for projection.

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